Commentary, 15 September 2018 ... Re. 'The Federalist': 'How The Left's Attachment to Abortion Reflects Its Inner Marxism':


A highly recommended, relatively short read for the weekend, by Joseph D'Hippolito writing for The Federalist, titled "How The Left’s Attachment To Abortion Reflects Its Inner Marxism" ... because if you found Chelsea Clinton’s pro-abortionist remarks at an August rally chilling, pause for a moment & think how Western societies ordinarily regarded as advanced or progressive have habituated amoral thinking about life in its most precious form, and, how this is deeply related to an ideological legacy consisting of many strands of Marxist influence that we are not even aware of -- and that deserve re-evaluation & outright rejection:


Chelsea Clinton's remarks at a recent campaign rally in the US made me, and a lot of other people, sit up and take notice of what she really has to say for the first time. I say ... It's not too late. Why? If she has future ambitions for elected office, we would now be able to evaluate her claims and the implications of her thoughts & opinions. And what she had to say ... was disturbing, to say the least. Speaking as a (many would say, 'self-appointed') representative of all American women, and aiming her remarks at support for the notorious Roe v. Wade decision which legalised abortion in the US, Clinton essentially linked the presence in, & contribution of, women to the labour force & economy to that pro-abortion decision, i.e. "American women entering the labor force from 1973 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy ..." & It's "...not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973". And that is exactly why Joseph D'Hippolito' article "How The Left’s Attachment To Abortion Reflects Its Inner Marxism" has had such especial resonance for me at this time, following so closely on Clinton's pro-abortionist remarks & her unspeakable moral crime of excusing what has widely - & rightly so - been described as a 'silent' or 'hidden' genocide, exacerbating the situation by expressing this in the form of a species of positive calculus with a monetary, economic boon.


Let me tell you as a researcher who pours thousands of hours every year into reading political discourse, contemporary & historical, that here we're dealing with many of the characteristics that are associated with totalitarianism. In the countless examples of this mindset that I've studied over the years, I have encountered a tendency within the language of its exponents, in many different forms, to 'block out' & disregarded substantial constituencies, classes & groups of humans, even more basically ... different FORMS OF LIFE. As usual, I prefer to leave it to the reader to explore not only Clinton's troubling mindset (the context provided certainly makes one's thoughts race!), but also the absorbing historical parallels facilitated by D'Hippolito's inclusion of for instance an insightful quote from a Trotskyist exponent of 'family planning' & 'women's rights'. In this regard re. the co-founder of the US Communist Party, Antoinette Konikow, it's instructive to weigh the words used by this illegal abortion practitioner (in early 1900s Boston) in order to justify extermination of life:


True to the totalitarian way of thinking, in the extract provided, she is anxious to establish 'control' over bodily functions, including the reproductive, a reminder that Marxism is actually a product of the worst traits of the industrial revolution in which bodily functions & mental workings were reduced to impersonal processes ... therefore, in which life in its most tender form (the unborn baby) becomes easily devalued & discarded as 'inconvenient waste', and unwanted by-product? Like Chelsea Clinton, MANY decades later in the Year of Our Lord 2018, the callous socialist activist next refers to a woman's 'right' to "leisure" & the "economic relief" offered by "Voluntary Parenthood".


Not least of all in this instance is there tangible an anti-family mentality, for "leisure" as we all know in family milieus consists of a positive involvement with children, therefore a philosophy of embracing life rather than seeing it as a burden or threat to rights attendant with safeguarding personal leisure space. As mentioned before, Joseph D'Hippolito's article "How The Left’s Attachment To Abortion Reflects Its Inner Marxism" is not only a very appropriate opportunity to evaluate what Chelsea Clinton offers in terms of thought & ideology, it's actually a convenient springboard into forgotten realms of decades-long immoral justification of not only what culminated in Roe v. Wade, but the hidden foundations of contemporary culture & those seemingly accepted 'practices' that have become habituated, but are anything but natural, normal or CONSCIONABLE:



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